2020 COOL & Quality Assurance Affidavit & Consignment Form

DUE by August 1st
There is no paper copy submission for the LMAS Committee

Forms submitted after August 1 will be subject to a late fee of $25
that is withheld from your sale proceeds check.

As a producer of a market animal ultimately intended for human consumption, I understand that I am responsible to ensure the animal I raised is managed in a safe and wholesome manner. By offering this animal for sale, I guarantee that all applicable laws have been followed to ensure a wholesome product for human use.

Latah Market Animal Sale (LMAS) Committee:
(208) 874-3374

Exhibitor Information

4-H/FFA Exhibitor Name
4-H/FFA Exhibitor Name
List Floater Animal Tag # in ( )

Animal Information

As an affidavit is deemed by USDA as an official record of Country of Origin, I attest through first-hand knowledge, normal business records, or producer affidavit(s) the following information:

Address from where project was purchased
Address of project during the Summer of 2020:

Member Checklist

The following list has been developed to assist you in managing your animal to ensure a wholesome product. While this list can’t cover every situation, it highlights some of the more common mistakes young producers might make. You are responsible to ensure that:

1. All medicated feeds or feed additives were discontinued the required number of days prior to slaughter, as stated on the label.

2. No feed containing mammalian meat and/or bone was fed at any time.

3. Withdrawal times for any medications, wormers, etc. were followed.

4. No product was utilized in raising or exhibiting this animal that was not specifically labeled for use with this species; approved products were only used according to the manufacturer’s label directions.

5. Adequate care and nutrition was provided to the animals, and I will continue to provide adequate care and nutrition until the close of the Fair, Sunday at 5 pm.
I certify that as the owner of this animal, it was not fed any “prohibited” mammalian meat and/or bone meal (per FDA regulation CFR Title 21), and this animal is free from drug and chemical residues.

The above named 4-H or FFA member hereby consigns the above animal to the Latah County 4-H and FFA Market Animal Sale (LMAS) for sale at the Latah County Fair. I agree to abide by the presentation guidelines, rules, and directions of the LMAS. I understand that the responsibility for payment of the animal lies with the buyer, not the auctioneer, the LMAS, Latah County, or the University of Idaho. In the event of non-payment, our legal recourse will be solely against the buyer. I understand and agree that this animal may be used for the 4-H and/or FFA Livestock Judging Contest.
I agree to the terms and conditions
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