4-H Small Animal Clinic

Date: July 19, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Are you a 4-H member or Cloverbud with a small animal project? Here is your chance to learn all about showing your small animal & have your 4-H questions answered!

Our local 4-H leaders are here to help you practice your showmanship skills & teach you more about handling your small animal. Everyone will get hands-on experience & Cloverbuds are welcome!

*NEW CLINIC UPDATE: In accordance with the City of Moscow’s face covering and physical distancing health order, face coverings will be required. The clinic will be set up to allow for physical distancing of 6+ feet between participants. Hand sanitizer & hand-washing stations will be on site.

Schedule* (*time slots subject to adjustment based on participation for each species).

1:00 PM RABBIT & CAVY - bring a carpet mat & your animal in a carrier
2:00 PM POCKET PET - bring a carpet mat & your animal in a carrier
2:30 PM CAT – bring your animal in a carrier & on a leash
3:00 PM POULTRY - bring your animal in a carrier
3:45 PM PET GOAT - bring your goat on a halter & meet us on the outside lawn
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