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March 25, 2020: In conjunction with the City of Moscow and others, the Lion's Park Playground will be closed until further notice.

March 19, 2020. Per an order by the Latah County Commissioners, there is an "immediate prohibition of events of more than 10 persons at the Latah County Fairgrounds and Events Center Buildings. Excluding Latah County emergency services"

This means all events of 10 or more people are cancelled between March 19, 2020 and May 5, 2020. The County Commissioners will meet to review and update this order as needed, in the later part of April 2020. Please see the PDFs at the bottom of the page for detailed information.

Per a March 18, 2020 order, the Latah County Fair and Events Center Office is operating under guidelines of restricted public access. Please restrict contact with the office to either phone or email, OR call ahead to make an appointment. The Events Center doors may be locked, unless an event is taking place.

March 18, 2020: RE: Concerns about COVID-19

The Latah County Fairgrounds and Events Center, along with Latah County, are staying up to date with the COVID-19 health alert. At the Events Center, all common touch surfaces are being sanitized at least once a day, and when possible, between individual events.

If you need to drop off payments or paperwork to the Fair and Events Center office, you may use the "RV Payments" drop box on the exterior door, on the West side of the Events Center.

For more information on COVID-19 please visit or

If event cancellations become required by city, county or state government, the Events Center Office will be in contact with event organizers.

Many March and April events have been cancelled or postponed by the event organizers, please check the event calendar, or with event organizers, for updated information.

Please review the PDFs linked below for information from Latah County and the Idaho Health and Welfare Department.
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