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The Latah County Fair Board is committed to producing a successful Fair, encouraging appropriate use of facilities, and exploring ways in which the Fairgrounds can serve educational and entertainment needs of our community.

The Latah County Fair presents an opportunity for both young and old to exhibit their special skills and hard work and the Fair is a celebration of the special qualities of life in Latah County. The Fair Board, Fair Staff, County Commissioners and many volunteers welcome you and encourage you to enjoy all aspects of the Fair.

The Latah County Events Center is the go-to destination for all event space needs including private events, weekly meetings, public shows, entertainment, fundraising activities, educational opportunities and more. From groups of 20 to 400, the Events Center is committed to providing a quality space for the citizens of the Palouse to gather and enjoy their communities .

Update on July 1, 2019: New fence around the East Field.

The new fence is to protect the east lawn from vandalism and to allow it to be used as an Event Space as part of the Events Center.

We will now have the ability to rent out that field space to private events who either need the fence for security, such as the RV Shows we have coming up, or for those events who need to have some audience control at their event.

There are three truck-gates that can be used as needed for approved events and three human-gates that will stay open at all times, unless a private event is in progress. The west side of the lawn, between the road and the ice rink is not being fenced.

There are no plans, either short term or long term, to charge admission to the annual Latah County Fair.

Jim Logan, Director, Latah County Fairgrounds and Events Center.

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