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Community Kitchen Information

This 900 square foot commercial kitchen space designed for maximum flexibility to meet the needs of any type of event, food production operation, entrepreneurial activity, educational opportunities, or personal use.

Available Equipment:
  • 10 burner stove with 2 regular ovens from Vulcan
  • 2 convection ovens from Cooking Performance Group
  • 20 quart mixer from Avantco
  • 40 gallon steam jacketed kettle from Vulcan
  • Common use pots/pans, baking sheets, and utensils
  • Ice Machine
  • Commercial Dish Sanitizer from EcoLab
  • 6 stainless steel tables on wheels
  • 3 transport carts
  • 5 dry good storage racks
  • Walk in cooler with storage racks
  • Lockers for secure storage
The Community Kitchen is available at a rate of $15.00 per hour.

All users of the Community Kitchen Space need to complete a Idaho Cottage Food / Low Risk Food / Fraternal, Benevolent or Nonprofit Charitable Organization Assessment form, which is available from the Idaho Public Health Office. This does not apply if the final product is solely used for direct personal consumption.

To request the use of the Community Kitchen, please use the calendars to check availability, and then fill out the Event Space Rental Request form below. We will respond to the request within two working days.
"Hot Wall" Range Top, Ovens, Steam Jacketed Kettle
"Wet Wall" 3 Basin sink and dish sanitizer
NW Corner. Tables and Racks
NW Corner. Tables, Common Use Supplies, Racks.
Secure storage lockers for common users.
East side.
West side.

Event Space Rental Contract Request

Please use this form to request a space rental at the Latah County Events Center. This form is just a request and does not guarantee a reservation. You can check potential room availability by looking at the Events Calendar. You must be at least 18 years of age to submit a space request.
Use "Private" for events without a company host.
This will appear on the Online Calendars
Requested Space(s)
Select all spaces you wish to have access too.

Please list both Day(s) and Date(s)
List Setup/Cleanup times & actual Event Times
Other Requested Amenities
Tables & Chairs are Included in Rentals

The Renter Shall:

Be at least 18 years of age or older. Pay rental and any penalty fees as set by Latah County Events Center. Agree to be bound by Latah County Events Center rental terms and conditions. Comply with the Events Center Building Use Guidelines. Only use designated parking areas, and not drive on lawns. Obtain prior permission for the erection of buildings, tents, structures and signage from the County. Not to nail, drill, paint or do anything to change appearance or function of the walls, doors, lights or electrical systems. Remove all property at the end of the lease. Items left behind will become the property of the County. Comply with all laws, ordinances and rules of state and local fire regulations. Furnish security, at its own expense, as deemed necessary for protection of property. Renter shall provide County with a Certificate of Insurance, naming Latah County and its agents as additional insured if requested. Renter shall provide a rental security deposit, as outlined on fee schedule, if requested. Events that cancel 60 to 30 days prior to reservation shall be charged 50%, and less than 30 days shall be charged 75%, of the Cost of Reservation, as a cancellation fee. Event rentals more than $350 in price, must pay a non-refundable 25% payment at time of signing.

The County Shall:

Permit the Renter to occupy the space described above, to display, demonstrate, sell, solicit or operate their business within the limits of the leased space. Use reasonable safeguards against fire, theft, and accidents, but does not assume any liability for damages to goods or property of the Renter from fire, theft, water or storm, or any liability for accidents to persons or property caused under, or by virtue of the apparitions of Renter under this contract. Have a lien upon any and all property stored, used or located upon the leased space, or elsewhere on the Fairgrounds by the Renter for any and all damages sustained by the breach of this contract or otherwise caused by the renter, and shall have the right to restrain such property or any part of it without process of law and may appropriate any or all such as its own to satisfy such claim.

I agree to the terms and conditions
This request does create an obligation to the Latah County Events Center. If your requested space is available, a contract and invoice will be sent to you, at the email address listed in the request.
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