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ICPSD Annual Celebration

Date: May 02, 2024

Join us as we celebrate and share Togolese culture through music, dance, food, raffle, and more! 6PM to 10PM, May 2, 2024.

We are wrapping up Idaho Gives with a community event as we raise funds to expand & secure sustainable reforestation efforts in Togo.

By supporting reforestation efforts in Togo, you directly (1) participate in the re-establishment of healthy forest structure, (2) support conservation knowledge-building and educational outreach activities, and (3) increase accessibility to education and resiliency resources for women and youth.

ICPSD’s approach directly targets building knowledge and awareness around land management, agroforestry and other sustainable approaches by contributing to and supporting community-led education, outreach, and resources for the reforestation of native plant species. Women have a leading role in the business of farming and agricultural value chains regionally throughout Togo. We are partnered with a local women’s cooperative who lead our workshop, nursery production, and outplanting efforts. We engage youth of the community in nursery and restoration activities while supporting their education and leadership development.

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